Thursday, August 13, 2015

I finally found it again! The Keltenschanze

After searching for who knows how long, I finally found the little trail
You have to duck through the trees
Then you have to ride the very rough road through the fields

This is the way I came from
After a nice little steep hill, you come to the bench and the sign

I pushed my bike up around the sign, to the left, and eventually came to the
mounts.  I did climb up top because I was there.  There is a little dirt trail the
whole way around the mounts.

It doesn't really look like much, I have to admit.  You can make out
the mounts that form a big square though.

After walking around, I rode back the way I came.
Maybe now, I won't forget how to get here!


Susan Lenz said...

Love your photos!
Susan and Steve


I don't know what I was thinking this would be, but not what it is. I guess I imagined some sort of stone structure (or more diggable place). No wonder it took you time to find it again. So was it a burial mound or ??? Anyway, pretty ride...perhaps you should plan to go there a night, when it is dark, and do some sort of dance holding candles to get the real sense of the place????