Saturday, April 25, 2015

Biding Time Bookmarks's that time again.  The time before vacation when I don't want to start a big project but I still have time to stitch.  The "biding time" time.  So...I make bookmarks!  I use up left-over fabric and thread and just have fun leisurely sewing, biding time until vacaction.

Ok, maybe I had alot of "biding time" because I sure have made alot of bookmarks. And I still have 7 evenings to sew! My goal is to take some with me and give them to the people we meet that make an impression. I don't want to come back with any. This project isn't as cool as Susan's "Telephone message" but you can't really play that game with just one person. I hope to spread my bookmarks around out West!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First Walk Around in the Little Gardens! It's Spring!!!

It seems these bees were on cinder blocks.  Don't ask...I don't know

Everything is so nice and neat 

Mom...I missed you!!

Again....Mom, I missed you!!

Collected wood after the hurricane??