Monday, August 25, 2014

Stars For A New Millenium - finished!!

 When I finished off the last thread of the last stitch, I sighed and said, "Boy, was THAT fun!"  Susan..once again, thank you so much!  You were right...of course I had enough thread.  Sometimes, more than enough!
At first, I figured it would take me about 6 weeks to finish.  Then, I thought more.  In the end, it was less than a month.  I never got bored and I didn't want it to end.  I think I could start it all over again using different colors and not be tired of it.

So now that this is done, I am going back to Hardanger.  I got hundreds of dollars of new thread and they are crying out to be used!  After getting back into the swing of Hardanger (by making a .... doily!!) I will start a table runner.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stars for a New Millenium - sashing done!

The sashing is now done!  Doesn't it look great? the border and it looks like it is going to be pretty impressive. you see it or notice it alot????

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stars for a New Millenium - progress

The blocks are finished and I have already started the sashing (not pictured).  Which is your favorite block?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Canvas - Stars For A New Millenium - work in progress

My sister Susan got me this canvas kit.  She knows I love canvas work but rarely do it.  Doing canvas work is difficult as there are so many different threads needed and I just don't have access to decent materials over here. Susan got this at an auction or yard sale or something (Sue..please tell me again about how you got this!).  It had belonged to a woman who had passed away.  Her kids didn't want any of her sewing stuff.  This woman had selected her own colors and purchased everything in 2004.  She had never started it though.  And now, I am honoring this unknown woman by working this piece.

I adore canvas work at this level.  It's complicated, detailed and absolutely fun to do.  The color selection the woman made was exactly my taste (obviously...look at all the purple!)

Until you see this piece up close, you just can't imagine how detailed these little patches are on each of the blocks.  Each block is completely different and rarely, if ever, are any two sections alike...and I mean on the whole piece, not just in one block.  I'm stitching like crazy these days because I am so totally into it!  Susan, thank you again....very much!