Friday, July 31, 2009

The Camera Lenz

I've posted one of my favorite slideshows on my other blog, The Camera Lenz. Check it out...I think you'll like it. Take the time to "wander" through the different slide shows. My sister Sonya looks at them while she is on hold at the office. However it works for you, thanks for visiting!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding, New Canvas Piece

I don't meant to neglect you! It's summer and there just never seems to be enough time. This past week was the long awaited wedding of friends from the States. Yes, they wanted their wedding to be in Austria and did alot of preparations to achieve this dream! It was really fun...a great mixture of American, Austrian and their own style.

The weather held out and none of the pictures had to include umbrellas! A big sigh of relief, that's for sure. The food was great, the company wonderful and it was a beautiful and unique start to a life together.

I forgot to ask if I was allowed to post pictures (I guess I should do that!) so I'll hold off on that.

I've been busy with bike riding, rock polishing and a little bit of stitching here and there. The weather has been nice for over a week now...yippy!!!!!

The new canvas piece is great...I just don't seem to work on it as much as I would like.

I have decided to change the rest of it (this is the middle part) because I'm not really happy now with the pattern. I don't do designing, that's for sure, but I have a couple ideas how I can change things so I like it and will like seeing it on a regular basis. The trick is...this was purchased as a kit and I have just so much thread. I guess I shouldn't worry about that...I can always order the thread if I run out.

Next post I'll have finished rocks to show you! Yes, they are just about done now. And in perfect timing as I need to get my guest room back to being a guest room. Yep...I'm going to have guests!! Sister Sonya and Vipin are coming to visit soon. It's only for one night but I'm very excited. Sonya hasn't been to visit me in years. I'm not complaining or anything because I DO get to see her just about every year at least once but still, having her come to my house is exciting! I think I'll make Wienerschnitzel!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Canvas Embroidery, Rocks, Balcony

Things are good. My tooth is slowly getting better...with the help of antibiotics. After going every day to the dentist for a week, the Dentist finally decided that enough was enough and gave me a prescription. This didn't really come as a shock; this is normally how my teeth problems are solved.

Not that I've had the opportunity much to lay around on the balcony, but one day this week was nice and warm and I got a chance to enjoy the summer like I want it to be! The only time I seem to read is when I'm laying around on the balcony. Needless to say, there hasn't been alot of reading going on this summer.

My rocks will be going into the polishing phase this afternoon. I am very pleased with the pre-work. I think they will turn out very nice. Abby Cat will be very happy when the polishing phase starts because the machine runs quieter and I'll be able to leave the door open to "her" room at night. No, she doesn't always go into the room where the machine is BUT she thinks she needs to just because the door is suddenly closed!

I've been working on the new canvas piece regularly. The size is really good for my regular sitting position...something that is very important!

I am really enjoying this canvas piece. It goes quickly, the colors are wonderful and the "3D" affect is awesome.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's New

Hi everyone! Lots to show and tell today. I'm happy to be able to say that we've actually eaten 4 of our tomatoes! They are really good. We'll never get enough at the same time to even make a salad but that's okay, we only have two plants. So we enjoy them as they ripen.

They taste very good. I don't even need to put salt and pepper on them!

I've started a new canvas embroidery project. It's really fun.

This is just the start, of course. This is two evening's worth of work. I love working with the different threads. I hope I have some left over as well for TAST and other things.

Speaking of TAST, I think I'm several weeks ahead of schedule but that's okay since I am doing it as an "independent study" (can you tell I'm the daughter of a professor?!)

This is my sample of the cast on stitch. It was pretty fun and...wiggly!

My rock tumbling project is going very well. I enjoy the heck out of doing this. The rocks are really shaping up.

As you can see, although, the crevices and "veins" are not quite smoothed out. I still have the rocks in the most abrasive powder stage. Today is the 8th day in this first stage. I'm going to leave them in there for a while more. I don't necessarily want totally smooth and flaw-free stones but a little more can be done with specimens like the above.

Once again proving my ties to a professor, I keep a detailed journal of the entire process, down to how many milliliters of water I add and when! It's come in handy for references. I guess that's why one keeps a journal. I will not be copying this journal onto my one in their right mind would want to read it. It is quite boring, actually. But I AM photographing the entire process and will have those pictures on my photoblog The Camera Lenz once it's complete.

As far as my teeth problems go...yes, I am still having problems. But it IS getting better. If disgusting tasting medicine is the answer, I should be all better any day now!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Start

"Everything happens for a reason". I believe that. I live by that. I also know that we don't always know the reason. But for whatever reason, I managed to wipe out all the pictures from this blog. Unfortunately, here is no way to just restore them and I wasn't about to go through 2 1/2 years of posts and try to reconstruct. So....I am just starting over! I deleted all the old posts and am in the process of recapping. I've got most of my handwork photos already posted. Just pictures. It's sort of can look at the pictures but not have to read my commentaries. Don't forget to click on "older posts" to see more. I'll be posting more pictures from the past as time goes on but also continuing on with my blogging as usual.


I have been working on a second blog and I'm ready to share it. Please check out THE CAMERA LENZ, a photoblog. Let me know what you think. There's lots more to come!

Rock Tumbling

This week has been torture...literally. I've been in the dentist's chair for hours, it seems. The torture includes pulling and grinding and drilling and poking and prodding. I was going to take a picture of the inside of my mouth but figured that was gross and everyone knows what it's like.
So I'm living with the dull pain, swelling and discomfort in my poor stressed out mouth. that I've got a bunch of sympathy, let's go on to what else is new!

I started up my rock tumbler. The rock show in France inspired me. I already had a good selection of Untersberg marble and "filler" rocks for this next run.

I've never attempted to polish such big rocks. But they fit in the machine and I know that I will lose a great deal of their size in the tumbling process.

The first step, the most abrasive, is great. You get to really see progress fast. This step smooths the jagged and sharp edges. Often time, rocks break during this process and you end up with even more rocks in the container than when you started. Above you can see how it looks before the machine is actually turned on. The white "hail" like stuff is plastic pellets. They prevent the rocks from banging together too hard (and are a must when working with soft rocks) and also helps with the noise factor. The black powder stuff is exactly powder that helps in the grinding and tumbling. This type looks like gun powder whereas the last of the three powders is a fine as powdered sugar.

The lid on my machine is quite worn and scratched but this gives you an idea of what it looks like as the machine is running. I have to admit, I stare at it for hours. I find the motion fascinating and mesmerizing.

Now you can see the difference in how the rocks look and this is after only 24 hours! My machine doesn't actually "tumble" the rocks. It moves up and down so the motion of the rocks is very different, kind of spiral. This type of machine gets the job done faster than a regular tumbler. I like both kinds actually but this machine is quiet enough to have running in the guest bedroom. It's really heavy duty.

See how the rocks are already getting smoother and losing all their jaggedness? After each 24 hours or so, I rinse everything off and start again. I'll go to the next powder when I no longer see a difference in the rocks. I don't normally polish my rocks so that they look like marbles or anything. I like a more natural shape and I like "flaws". Here is a post where I pictured some of the Untersberg marble that I already polished. Keep an eye on my new photoblog, The Camera Lenz as I am photographing the whole process and will, when completed, have a great slide show of the whole process for you.