Friday, August 28, 2015

Gut Aiderbichl - Iffeldorf, Germany location

What is Gut Aiderbichl?  More than 4700 happy animals live on our 23 farms. The original Aiderbichl Estate, founded in 2001, is situated just 20 km outside the city of Salzburg. Its founder, Michael Aufhauser, had a dream: he wanted to create a centre where humans and animals could encounter one another and get to know each other better. Rescued animals, many of them with a very distressing past, have found a new home here in the midst of the beautiful alpine region of Austria. It is a place where we can learn about their lives and discover what can be improved in the treatment of the weaker, whether humans or animals. Here they can forget what has happened to them in the past and can start a new life with us. And for us, with the beauty that surrounds us and the contentment of the residents, it is a place that inspires everyone.  
There were lots of horses.  In fact, an entire troop of circus
horses was saved and live here

And not just farm animals

The outside part of the Cat House

No spitting took place

The biggest horse I've ever seen!

Friends sharing a laugh

The walkway between the indoor and outdoor Cat House

Inside Cat Houses

The white cat was a very picky eater.  Of course.

There were lots of cows.  In fact, herds of them

No fear

Not much fear

very brave
Lots of different kinds of cows live all together

And goats

And sheep

The restaurant greeter

The boss

This pig weighed over 600 pounds!!

Did you know they had tusks?

No idea what's up with the color!

Where's the beef?

They don't breed animals here.  This little guy was just recently
taken in.

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