Monday, August 17, 2015

Achensee-Pertisau Tirol, Austria


Susan Lenz said...

Great pictures. Makes me want to go bike riding there again (or somewhere close by). I remember riding with Alex when he was a relatively nice kid in 1999 in Salzburg. Obviously this comment is from me (Steve). Susan also saw the pictures and she loved them.


These photos are so wonderful and I have I think #11 as my wallpaper now! Posting the meal photo is just I'll get you back by telling you that Compadres (Mexican) is opening up where Welshes used to be! The blue green water made me super wish I could be there...and the furry-looking chicken is very cool. I also loved the little hütte..two were not so little...what's up with that? Do people live in them?? I'm so glad you get to go and enjoy these places! These photos are so nice to see and if I concentrate I can really feel like I am there and imagine the smells of the places (you know what I mean). Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.