Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sometimes Together Finished!

After 3 months, I finished my blackwork and stones which I call Sometimes Together.

I have to say, I am quite happy that I selected the almost canvas-type material because, with all the stones and beads, it's quite heavy.

I can (and have) stared at it for hours. It's amazing, if I do say so myself!

I guess I am so pleasantly surprised that it turned out so well because I planned out the design myself. I selected the threads, beads, stones, colors and stitches without a pattern. I normally always work with patterns so this was a brand new experience....

I believe that a few of the photos are good enough that you can really see the details by clicking to enlarge.

Each square is about 2 inches and the patterns in between the squares are all over one with one thread of YLI silk floss and petite glass beads.

This piece has so much texture! It's hard to keep my hands off of it, just to touch, once again, every single bead and stone. The side view is amazing.

So, what is next? Well, I start my January Hardanger Card Club design tonight! I've wanted to make a serious attempt at Hardanger for years. And now...I am! I don't think that the designs will take a month to complete so I'll work some on my Long Dog Sampler. I am still enjoying the feeling of my Sometimes Together finish.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blues Chapel and Last Words and Other Stuff

Want to see something really incredible? Please check out my sister Susan's Blues Chapel and Last Words . What is it, you ask? It is her two solo but related art installations . It is now open in Columbia, SC and runs through the 16th of February. If you haven't seen what she does, you'll definitely want to check it out. If you have seen her work, then you are already a fan and know where to find her blog!

I am plugging away on Sometimes Together, my blackwork and stones piece. It's really full and pretty and I am completely addicted to it! If you click to enlarge, maybe you can see that the beads on the "in between" patterns are all outlined with a corresponding color. It's slow work but very worth it. And I can't tell you how good I am at starting and tying off the thread now! will be so proud of me! No more long strings covering the back!

I know I need to change the setting on my camera to get clearer close up pictures but I keep forgetting. Maybe some day....

I've been thinking alot about my family these days, especially my Mom and Dad. A year ago, they were here. We had such a wonderful time. Even in cooking, I think of them.

Dad, you would have LOVED this! And look how green it is! Mom, you would be proud...I used only about 5 drops of oil! It was healthy, good and pretty!

And another picture for you, Dad...

My poinsetta is still alive!!!!! You are the master of keeping the stupid things alive for years and years and years.....I wish I could give this little one to you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Progress and Tomatoes

Hi everybody! I sometimes think that my blog is pretty boring for some. I usually work on only one project at at time. That's just the way I do my thing. I do have a "long term" project these days (My Long Dog Sampler) but it's been my Blackwork and Stones Sometimes Together project that has been my main thing for quite some time now. Thanks for bearing with me and commenting on my progress. I've now started the "between the lines" work.

I'm doing it with petite glass beads and one strand of YLI silk floss over one.

I sort of had to pick the colors based on what I had so there are four different flower colors.

As you can see, it changes the whole look of the piece! I love the combination of "conservative meets unconventional". And the crowning will be where the squares come together. I have a rough idea of what I am going to do there but not a complete plan yet.

It's wintery here in Munich. The wind has been blowing pretty much nonstop for days. The whistling through the balcony door really gets on your nerves after hearing it for hours on end. But it's too cold to put new insulating strips on the door now. I'm pretty sure that's what is causing the whistling but it does help with the draft. (NOTE: my DH has, in the mean time, explained that just because it's cold doesn't mean that the insulation strips won't stick, like I thought. He has fixed the whistling problem within minutes)

And right in the middle of winter......

....we have tomatoes!!! I'm trying to "winter" the one surviving tomato plant that we have. And it looks like it's working although I don't know if they will ever ripen. But it's so fun to see what happens!

And lastly, I have a mystery plant that I've been taking very good care of for a year now. This was my Valentine's Day present from last year (remember Mom?) and the moss was collected from the local woods where I ride my bike. But what this plant is...I have no idea. I take really good care of it though. Ok, I tending a weed?????

Have a good week!