Friday, March 26, 2010

First Bike Rides of The Season

Spring has come to Munich and I am counted as one of those who are very happy about it. It's finally warm enough to hit the trails instead of dream about them while pedalling away on my indoor bike.

It doesn't much look like spring yet. Everything is still fairly brown and lifeless.

But there's been alot of activity in my beloved park while I was busy riding indoors.

Most of the snow is gone but here and there I saw little patches of the old stuff hanging on, waiting for the warmth to melt it away.

There's new things to see.

And old favorites to check out.

I don't know what moss does in the winter but even now, when everything else is waiting to come to life, the moss seems so green and fresh.

The wild boar are out but very far away from the main roads.

But throughout the park, there are signs that they were very busy rutting around all winter long, looking for what ever it is that they eat.

A normally dead end road was wide open this fine spring day. No, I didn't go's been "taboo" since I started riding in the park and I just couldn't bring myself to ride further. The gate is electric..what happens if it closed when I was in there???
The loggers have created new paths to explore and I'm feeling very adventurous! I didn't take a picture of it but there was one muddy road in the whole park. I saw it to the left of where I was traveling and mentally noted that I was glad I wasn't heading that way. I later decided to ride a trail I'm not familiar with to get back home. Wouldn't you guess...I ended up on that muddy road! It was awesome!! Mud was flying, tires were slipping...and if I could have recorded the smell for you, I surely would have!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hardanger Practice Piece

It finally feels like spring has come to Germany. All the snow is melted and little flowers are starting to pop up everywhere. It feels good!

I'm almost completely recovered from whatever it was that I had. I almost made it through the winter without getting sick!

I'm still playing with my hardanger practice piece. Here's the latest:

I'm also learning what NOT to do!

I'm learning alot about what threads work best and tension.

Sometimes I put a little bit of something else here and there.

It's a fun, rambling sort of piece. I hope whatever you are working on brings you happiness as well!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hardanger And CSA

Hey...guess what! In my last post I mentioned (okay..."plugged") CSA's Oberammergau Passion Play trip. But now you can combine this with something that is just as embroidery workshop!!! Yes, another "plug" but also an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Well, at least once a decade as that's how often the Passion Play comes around. Check it out!

I've really been practicing my Hardanger. Here are a few pictures of what my practice piece looks like now.

It's really neat looking. Well, my other "hobby" these days is going to the dentist and it's about that time so.....until later!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hardanger Practice Piece & What's Going On

I posts are not very regular anymore. But that's okay. I'm busy and sitting in front of the computer is just not where I want to be all the time. But rest assured, I am fine! Today is a snowy, winter day. Quite a change from the past week or two where we were over 50degrees. But that's okay too...

It's pretty and I am not one to mind the snow.

I've started a new project. Well, it's actually a practice piece. I mentioned earlier that I joined the "Hardanger Card Club" offered through NordicNeedles and got the taste of this technique. And....fell in love! But the cards themselves are small and I wanted more practice. So....

I started my own practice piece where I can try out different threads and stitches.

My sister Susan said she thought this would be a technique that I really enjoy. Well...guess what are SO RIGHT! Susan's very busy with many exciting and wonderful things going on but she posts regularly so check it out if you aren't already a follower of hers.

I'm learning quite a bit as I work on my practice piece. And also experimenting with different threads. And colors!

I am also working on my Long Dog Sampler but it's so darned big (like...tablecloth size!) that it is sort of a pain to take pictures of. But I will get some taken sooner or later.

Take a look at my sister Sonya's blog. She's been posting again, working hard on her blog along with the millions of other things she does. She reminds us that it is once again an Oberammergau Passion Play year. Have you been? Wouldn't you just love to go? Well...she'll tell you how! And don't's only once every 10 years!

Besides being completely addicted to practicing Hardanger, I've been riding my indoor bike every day. I was hoping that I could soon be outside, hitting the trails again but I think I have to be a little more patient with that subject. You know....with snowstorms and all! I've ridden over 2600 kilometer indoors now. Thank goodness I have a DVD player in that room...and lots of DVD TV shows. Real good stuff...Babylon 5, X-Files, every single Stargate made: my kind of stuff! You don't really want to know what else...I'm sure you can just imagine and not be far from the truth. I've been doing lots of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen as well. So..all is good! Hope everything is good with you all too!