Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spirit of Vierlande and Orchids

Hi everyone. You may have noticed that I haven't been posting. I believe my blogging has turned in a new direction. And that's okay...everything changes.

After almost a year (including 3 months of blooming) two of my orchids are blooming again.

This one was a gift from Sonya and Vipin last year.

I got this one about a month after Sonya/Vipin gave me the other one and it's blooming too.

I actually finished my "long term cross stitch", The Long Dog Sampler Spirit of Vierlande. I changed it some because I am not actually into the "sampler" part of a sampler. Don't ask me why I even started one then! The stitching is done now.

Of course I took these pictures at night so they are not all that good but don't worry.... I said, the stitching is done....

...not the actual project!

I'll post more as things happen.