Monday, February 29, 2016

Hardanger Doily called "INDIA"

I don't know why but, no  matter what I did,
the colors looked "washed out".  They actually harmonize
extremely well with the black fabric and are vibrant and
deep.  Just image what a pretty shawl with a green
loden coat looks like.

This was one of the (if not THE) hardest thing I ever
did in Hardanger.  Although it is not a complicated piece,
working on black fabric was nearly impossible.

This little piece is definitely toward the top of my
"favorite" list because it was such a challenge.

A challenge that turned out very well even though this
picture makes it looks sort of "fuzzy".  It isn't though.

I held it up to the window so you could see the twisted bars
which go around the whole piece.  In the other pictures,
this feature looks sort of like just lines of dashes of thread.

Why the name "India"? Well, I think of  elephants.  The
beautiful embroidered head pieces you sometimes see
elephants dressed with.  And "India" because they have
such beautiful embroidery, designs and colors.

Oh, and although I didn't show any pictures of the back...
you guess looks pretty much the same as the front.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hardanger - Almost Spring (medium sized)

The size
the details -edging

Details - twisted bars

The whole thing
the center
Details - Bargello work
The Back!

So...what do you think???