Saturday, November 30, 2013

Progress on Blackwork Piece and Thanksgiving

After a month of working on the sky, I am sharing my progress with you. So...what do you think? The "fading" will be a little better after the piece is washed. I used blue chalk and it is still a little visible. Of course, the outlining will define the mountains more and make them sort of "pop out".

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, whatever you did and wherever you were.  My dinner turned out excellent and everything was still hot when it got to the table.  That's always my goal although it doesn't always happen.

I did not forget, though, all the Thanksgivings I was someplace else, doing something totally different.  Like doing laundry at the Laundromat.  Those holidays were Special to me.  Celebrating Thanksgiving with other people that didn't have anywhere else to go but to do their laundry.  I have to say, spending a couple hours with complete strangers in a laundromat on Thanksgiving was a blessing. Sharing whatever it is that you have to give with others that need it.  And them, sharing with you.

My orchids are having a wonderful time and showing it with their blooms.  All except my new Blue Vanda.  I am sad to say that I don't think that wonderful flower is going to survive.  I've been working and working with it but, alas, it just continues to die.  Maybe it wasn't meant to be....maybe I was supposed to admire These beautiful flowers from afar.


Susan Lenz said...

Hi! The sky looks great. I mean it. You really do have a good sense of how to translate this picture into stitch! Brava!

Your turkey also looks amazing and so does the orchid. Steve convinced the meat guy at Publix to cut two turkey thighs from a fresh bird ... so we just had that. Nothing really special and, of course, no cranberries! LOL!

For me, Thanksgiving is best spent in the studio. I'm very thankful to have such a special place for making art. I listen to Pandora on my laptop ... Classical Christmas. Gotta love it.

On Friday night we went to see Carolina Ballet's The Nutcracker. This is the civic company ... mostly kids doing the dancing. It was Alex's thirteenth year in the production. He was brilliant as Mother Ginger. He was also a party gentleman and one of the rats. We saw him briefly after the show. Nothing much but it was the first we've seen him since March. Oh well.


Eating at your place is so fantastic..the food is delicious and that VIEW!!! Wonderful. Your orchid looks great!