Saturday, November 9, 2013

Monument Valley Interpreted - Landscape is Finished!

It took almost 5 months but the landscape is now stitched. And, as promised, I managed to get the piece photographed from afar. Funny how Susan liked the idea of a 'natural' setting and I like the idea of a 'professional' setting. Ok, it's not all that professional but it got done what I wanted.....that you can really see that it looks 3-D!!

It was mentioned that the contrasts are so good now that perhaps I didn't need to do the sky. I thought about that alot but decided that it really does need the sky. If you look at the original photo, the sky is very much a part of the beauty. That blue. I hope to be able to capture that vast space of color and do it justice in my piece. I've started it a little in the left corner, down by the skyline. It will varegate darker as it goes up.

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Susan Lenz said...

Okay ... go with the sky! The artist is ALWAYS right! I look forward to seeing it. By the way, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show is like being in another world when compared to last weekend's experience in DC. There are plenty of people and many are truly fascinated with my work. Of course, I'm stitching on some wrapped wooden spools all day too! Good things all the way around!