Saturday, November 2, 2013

Monument Valley Interpreted and the Beauty of Fall

I am very excited about how my piece is shaping up.  I've noticed that looking at it close up and looking at it from a distance is a big difference.  At a distance, you can clearly see depth and the perception is quite good.  Of course, working on it, I only see it close up and it tends to look flat.  I will try to take a picture from afar after the foreground is done so you can see it too.  Someone asked if I was nearly done.  No, I am filling in the sky as well so there's still plenty to stitch before I do the detailing!

Yesterday was a first for me.  I rode my bicycle outside for the first time in November.  And it was only 40-45 degrees.  Although nature's colors are mostly earthy at this time of the year, when I look closely, I can find colors that seem to shout.  I am not sure what these things are but they are bright and bold  and sprinkle hope and encouragement throughout the woods.  The peak of our Indian Summer has passed but there is still so much to see.  My outdoor riding time could very well be over for this year but maybe, if I'm really lucky, there will still be a few days where I can brave the cold and explore the wonders of nature and be inspired by what I find.

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Susan Lenz said...

Greetings from DC! Steve and I are about to head toward Philadelphia now but wanted to let you know that your work is great! It is wonderful to be following along with the progress of this piece!