Monday, August 29, 2011

Crewel Embroidery

Yet another kit done! My introduction to Crewel Embroidery. I have this in a little slideshow with 5 pictures of the completed Janlynn Hummingbirds crewel embroidery kit. (You can click on the picture which opens another window and then click on "full screen" in the upper left to view it close-up). What do I think about crewelwork? Well, this was an introduction. The kit was okay but nothing to write home about. The pattern was not stamped straight on the material so the straight border lines weren't always on the stamped pattern causing the markings to show. The material was not correct for crewelwork, I noticed that right off the bat. The instructions were alright I guess but I still referred to my own stitch books for explanations. The actual stitching was okay...I don't like stitching with yarn so crewel might not be something that I will do alot of in the future. But I would certainly like to try it again. The next time though I will select the material! And yes, it will be linen twill. So...what do you think of the stitching? I don't have anything to compare it to so your comments will be most appreciated!

I'm on to giving Schwalm a try...I already like the technique!


Hannah said...

I'd say keep in mind that wools come in different qualities, and the yarn you got with the kit is probably the same quality as the rest of the kit. So you might enjoy it more with better materials. There are definitely some wools that are more fun to stitch with than others. I usually prefer kits with more variety in stitches too.

Anyway, your stitching is nice and even - the one thing I'd say is for the simple Janlynn kits it sometimes helps to ignore the lines in order to blend the shading a little better.

Karen said...

I love the look of crewel embroidery - though I really like working with cotton floss. I have adapted my designs to work using the floss. I have oohhed and ahhed over the silk on linen crewel work in museums. Now that is major work!! Kits offer a good chance to give something a try. I think yours turned out very well. And oh yes, you are going ot LOVE schwalm work!!

lindacreates said...

I think it is beautiful! Your stitches are lovely and the colors very appropriate for the subject matter. I think you should do it again using what you find more satisfying. Beautiful! :-)