Thursday, September 8, 2011

Schwalm Embroidery

Yes, Susan, you were absolutely correct....Schwalm is definitely something I will be able to get into!

The little Karen Buell Design Hearts and Flowers kit was perfect for an introduction to this technique.

OK, it isn't perfect but I did get the hang of it relatively quickly. And of course I love the openwork.

Being an old-time 'counter', not counting is still a bit difficult. I can't seem to get symetrical things symetric. But this introduction was just to see if I even liked the technique.

And I do! And it's fun! The 'white on white' is something different. And there the edges of the center flower and the heart had several different stitches going around it so it may look sort of 'sloppy'. But I can fix things like that!

I took the pictures before I washed it. I had to wash it because, even though I only lightly penciled in the design, you could still see lines. I know there are erasable or washable markers but I don't have one. So....Susan, if you are looking for the perfect Christmas present........

I'm starting a special project this evening. It's going to be cross-stitch but it's going to be GREAT!! Stay tuned.......

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Anonymous said...

I like this. It's so old fashioned looking and beaautiful, like something out of another era. I can't believe it is all done by hand. Great stuff keep it coming.