Monday, November 2, 2009

Munich Rock Show

This weekend was the annual Munich Rock Show. It's held every year here in Munich and it is the biggest show in Europe. It was fantastic! There were new things to see and new booths and vendors sprinkled throughout the 4 gigantic halls in which it is held. One of the most amazing things this year was a smaller area of "nature meets nature" displays. Photographing was a little difficult because of the glass casings and spotlights everywhere but I think these pictures will give you an idea.

Someone combined collections I think. Or two people with different collections came together and created this awesome idea. Butterflies and moths from around the world displayed with rocks from around the world.

The color and pattern combinations were RIGHT ON! None of the butterflies were from the same place as the rocks but if they were, the creatures surely would have had the perfect camouflage.

I was fascinated with these combinations. In real life, they were even more perfectly matched than in the photos.

Another thing that is so fascinating about the rock show is the surreal look of nature.

These "puff balls" look soft and furry. But in reality, they are really rocks. To the touch, they are hard and prickly. It takes great skill to actually clean these things up as they are all covered in dirt and small stones when they are found.

Here you can actually see the crystal shapes. This is a larger "ball" but some of them were so small that you couldn't make out exactly what it was. And the crystals were so thin they were thread width.

This larger specimen is a great example that shows different crystal widths and lengths all on the same piece. Doesn't it look soft? Well, it isn't! It's rather sharp!

The surrealism continued throughout the show. I like the close ups because you can see the actual rock on which the crystals sit. And you can see that often there are many types of minerals all on the same piece.

This specimen was truly amazing. The longer piece of crystal is almost as long as my arm! Oh yes, this show isn't just for tiny little stones, there are huge pieces all over the place.

This is most definitely the largest Amethyst piece I have ever seen. It is as big as a single bed! And it is a beautiful piece as well.
Next time I'll have pictures of my stitching...I have been working on my Long Dog sampler but haven't taken progress photos yet.
If you would like to see more rock pictures, please check out The Camera Lenz where I've posted a slide show.


Kathy A. said...

Wow, Wanda those displays are stunning!! I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing.

Teipu said...

Wow these are amazing! I never thought that stones could be actually interesting but you showed me better!
Your letter arrived today! Wohoo, thank you ^^

Karen said...

Inspirations!! Such a beautiful show. Thank You for putting up the photos as well as the slide show. Amazing beauty in our natural world.

Plays with Needles said...

I always enjoy seeing what you find at these shows and the rocks/moths did NOT disappoint!! Awesome!

Exuberant Color said...

I think the butterfly and rock combinations were a wonderful display. Both rocks and wood are beautiful things that a lot of people take for granted. There are so many varieties and so much beauty.