Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blackwork and Stones in Progress

My Blackwork and Stones piece is coming along really nicely. In fact, this is exactly my "thing"... I love working on it! It's exciting and provides lots of variety and, yes, even wakes up a little creativity that is mostly buried deep inside!

Some of the 2 inch squares are dainty and very orderly. I think if you click to enlarge on the photos, you can see the detail a little better. You will be able to see that I am using all sorts of things.

Others are full and bold. I think I'm doing pretty good with the color matching so far. It's not as easy as it seems it would be. I've always said that I have no talent in imagining things. For example, don't ask me how my furniture would look in a completely empty room. I have no idea. I can't imagine it. The furniture has to be IN the room. Once it is in place, I never re-arrange because I have no idea how it would look positioned differently! So designing is a real challenge for me. But I like it! And the creative juices seem to flow. Of course, it helps that I love everything I am doing and everything I am using. I love the feel of the rocks. I love the tiny petite beads and I love threads. Yeah...this is definitely a good thing for me!


Emmy said...

very beautiful to see the stones in your embroidery

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow you're doing a fantastic job! Sometimes I think its a matter of practice and time to find the talents we have hiding deep inside!

Susan said...

Imagination and the ability to visualize are two entirely different things. If you can't visualize how something will look that doesn't mean you shouldn't use your imagination and just "do it". Your imagination will direct you, it will allow new ideas to pop into your head, and it will expand. Very rarely do I know how a piece of art will actually turn out. It evolves while I'm working. Stop trying to plan everything out ahead of time in an attempt to know how it will turn out. This is how you use your imagination. Try it; it's fun! The worst thing that can happen is that you turn the thing into a postcard....mail it away....and make someone else very, very happy to own it!