Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Safe And Sound

Hi Everyone! I'm back from the States. I haven't had the chance yet to catch up on what everyone's doing but give me a couple of days. I did want to let you all know that I have safely returned home.

I got everything done in the States that I wanted to. My storage room is now cleaned out and I sorted through my junk...I mean treasures. I got rid of alot of stuff and the rest of it is being kept at Mom and Dad's. I only have 5 boxes there now.

My storage area wasn't all that bad, once it was sorted out. The stuff on the left was trash. It sort of hurts to think that I paid all that money for all those years for this!! But it's over now. I also got Mom and Dad's house ready for winter. You know...bringing in the plants, putting the summer furniture away, etc.

There were a few very nice days there in Western Pennsylvania. Fall was in its glory.

The lake is down about a foot and a half, according to Dad. He tracks that kind of thing so he knows.

If you look to the right in the lake, you'll see the island. It shouldn't be showing at all. Maybe there will be enough snow this winter to make up for the lack of rain this summer and the island will be covered once again.

New England is the place famous for its fall colors but I think Western PA is just as nice!

Lots of critters came to say's that time of the year. Dad put up the bird feeders (which sometimes end up being squirrel and chipmunk feeders) while I was there. Turkeys will eat there too in the winter. In fact, I think Mom and Dad somehow have an animal neon sign that says..."Welcome! We're Open! Good Food!"

I was home for Dad's 75th birthday. It's been probably 15 years since I got to spend his special day with him. We played alot of chess (the chess board was his 70th birthday present....I stitched it and my sister Susan made the board. Click to enlarge it. It's blackwork.) while I was home. And you aren't going to believe this but it's true...I won one!!!! It's the first game I ever won and we've been playing for over 40 years!!!! Of course, I immediately called the whole family to tell them! I was in seventh heaven!!! Good game, Dad!!!!


Kathy A. said...

Glad to hear you are home safely. Looks like you enjoyed every minute of your visit. Your Dad's chess board looks amazing. What a great job you and your sister did.
Congratulations on the big win

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad. Everyone I know who has things in storage is surprised when they finally clean them out, at how much junk they were paying for. I guess priorities change over the years.

Xeyedmary said...

Welcome home Wanda!
The chess board is fabulous- what a perfect way to enhance blackwork!

em's scrapbag said...

Your chess board is amazing. Congrats on the win! That is awesome. I love all your fall pictures. Very beautiful.

Annica said...

Welcome home Wanda! The chess board is beautiful!

Emmy said...

welcome back and it is so good to hear you hade a great time I so love the chess board
thanks for your visite to my blog

Linda of the Lake said...

Wonderful visit, beautiful pictures. We loved your visit. Thank you for all the help. Glad your friends got to see your chess board

Plays with Needles said...

I LOVE that chess board!!!! And welcome home, my dear. I'm glad your parents live in the next state...*wink...makes me feel like you're not ALL the way over in Germany...