Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Invasion

I ride my bike in the Park because it is quiet.  I ride through the woods and fields, seeing nature at its finest.  But once a year, there is an invasion.  It's like a locust invasion.  
 This is that day.
 I had seen the signs advertising the 'Waldfest und Gottesdienst' but I didn't note the date.
 There was no doubt about it though, today the park was filled with walkers, bike riders, firetrucks, old and young alike.  There were tents set up in the woods, I guess to celebrate Mass and then serve as the beer tents.
I look forward to riding tomorrow.  I do hope, though, that they clean up after themselves.

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Susan Lenz said...

Looks like they had excellent weather for it ... unlike here in South Carolina where it has rained hard every day for the past month or so.
PS We are going to DC this coming weekend so that Steve can ride the bike trails!