Monday, July 8, 2013

I Can't Seem To Stop Posting About Riding!

Okay, okay, this will be the last post about bike riding for awhile.  But I had to do one more....
 It wasn't a typical Monday.  I some times followed.....
 I sometimes got out of the way.
 Lots of flowers are blooming.  Weeds to some, flowers to me.

And I discovered I'm not the only one who looks for tadpoles.  I never thought about actually going in the ponds!

And guessed it.....videos!!!

Steve....I am so thinking about you!!!! could come and rent an electric bike and we could do this!!!!

And now...for my favorite.  It's only one second long......
It really isn't a crash....just a funny thing with the camera.

So, next post...I promise...will be my blackwork piece.  I am working on it as well, not just riding.

1 comment:

Susan Lenz said...

Steve said, "I could so get into biking with Wanda".
PS I might even go for a bit ... except I hate bike seats (big or small). They hurt my bony butt!