Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Munich New Years Eve

Happy New Year! I hope that the coming year proves healthy, creative and happy for everyone. I tried to capture New Years Eve from the 11th floor in Munich for you but I think it is pretty impossible to do so. Here are a few images though that may give you an idea.....
At 10pm, families from the neighboring building gather in the hof.  The kids have sparklers and stand at a distance as a few of the men shoot off fireworks.
I am pretty sure that the kids are young and therefore this private firework display earlier in the evening.  I suppose the parents hope that the kids will be asleep when the noise really starts.  This year though I think the noise at midnight would have waken even the soundest of sleepers.
You can see that the fireworks explode right between buildings.  The balcony decorated with blue Christmas lights is the 11th floor.  Yes, we are eye-level with alot of the explosions....and ear-level I might add.
Off our balcony, we have quite the display from the neighboring 6floor building.  Their fun goes on for an hour at least, not only with firecrackers and fireworks but music as well.
I just cannot capture the entire view with my camera.  Well before midnight, all over the city clear to the horizon, the fireworks can bee seen and heard.  The whole area explodes with lights and noise.  Most of the lights in this image are fireworks.  After about a half an hour though, only the red ones could be seen as the smoke was so thick.
Even through the smoke, the closer ones were vivid.
I could watch for an hour....my neck doesn't get sore from having to look up.  It was an awesome celebration this year in Munich!

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So cool! I'm glad to finally be checking out your blog photos!!!