Friday, December 14, 2012

Hardanger - I See Red

I started this piece on November 7th. It's fun and bright. I see it as a crazy winter kind of piece.
Most of the stitching is completed although not in the upper left corner, as you can probably tell.
As you know, after the stitching comes the cutting.  Then the wrapping.  There's just one part that has been cut and wrapped at this point....the upper right corner.  I had to order more thread so I did a little cutting and wrapping there while I waited.  I have lots of things to try out with the wrapping as I discovered lots of new things in the three 'Anna Special Hardanger' magazines that I finally tracked down over here.   If you do hardanger, you definitely need to get at least one of these magazines.  In my opinion, with these magazines, you never need another reference guide nor will you ever need to get any more patterns or patterns for ideas.  There's enough stuff in these magazines to last a life-time of hardangering.  ha ha  Is that a word??!!


Susan said...

Fantastic! Yes ... I see red too but it is the combination of solid and variegated threads that make it so interesting. Excellent control of color over the surface. Quite nice!
Your sister Susan!

Kathy A. said...

Gorgeous Wanda. You always do such beautiful work and choose the most gorgeous colors.