Thursday, November 3, 2011

Special Project - 'Motorcycle Towel'

I haven't posted for awhile but I have been stitching. I designed and stitched a special project. A 'Motorcycle Towel'. I'm a big fan of 'bath sheets' and this thing is the largest I've ever seen!

As the name of this project indicates, the theme is 'Motorcycle'. But not just any motorcycle....the BMW hubby's love!

He loves to ride in the Alps and over the mountain passes.

He has also been known to feel the heat of the Arizona desert.

The R1200C model isn't made anymore but if you would see his, you would think that it's new.
I found just about the perfect color match but the stitching doesn't show the shine!

And yes, he is going to use the towel. If you ever receive handstitched towels or napkins or a tablecloth, please use them. I've made many towels and such things and given them as gifts. They normally end up laying in a drawer somewhere because my loved ones don't want to 'ruin' them...please USE them! Those kinds of presents are given so the person can enjoy them and they can't be enjoyed when they lay in a drawer, wrapped up in tissue paper.
So...I'm already onto the next project...I hope your projects are coming along nicely, too!


Susan said...

Great towel and great advice on using functional pieces! Lots of my work is created using the hand stitched household linens that no one uses anymore!
PS Thanks for donating to Mathias' effort.

Linda of the Lake said...

It's beautiful and I have seen his bike and it's great shine! Our towels may not be used much but they hang on the towel bars for all to see!