Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finished Egyptian Sun God

I finished the Egyptian Sun God, original design by Carol Leather (X-Calibre Designs). I embellished it with different beads and added a touch of color as well.

It took a total of about 2 months to finish.

It's stitched on 40count linen and I used a variety of different threads.

It's very large especially considering that it's on 40count!

I have posted a slideshow on The Camera Lenz if you would like to see more images.

In the mean time, I've started a little Brazilian Embroidery kit that I recently purchased at my favorite online needlework store The NordicNeedle. They had several different kits on sale that looked perfect for trying out new techniques. I wanted to try the techniques to see if I like them. I've started with the Brazilian. I also have kits for schwalm, crewel and stumpwork! I'm pretty excited about trying out new things. I'll post and let you know how things are going!


Susan said...

This piece is absolutely STUNNING! Thanks for including the penny for scale! Love the beads too!
PS Brazilian embroidery is all about that shiny, slippery thread. I hate it. Many others adore it. Good luck!

lindacreates said...

This is amazing work. I admire your tenacity! What a talented family you all are.

essay writing said...

It's amazing!