Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hi Everyone! No, I haven't stopped blogging. Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I'm doing great and keeping busy and having fun. I've been doing my TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) course although I don't necessarily do it on Tuesday and I don't necessarily do one a week. I'll probably be done with the year way ahead of time but that's okay too. I do want to photograph each sample stitch but haven't done it yet so...no pictures. Sorry.

After long last, I finally found the Westpark! I've been trying to get there for a long time now but never could find it....yeah yeah...I know..."Wanda and directions"! It was well worth it...very different from my neighboring park which is all woods. The Westpark is more gardens and grass and ponds.

The ponds are all man-made but they are so pretty. There's lots of birds, geese and ducks. And huge big fish.

There's also plenty of rocks in the ponds for these sunny, warm days!

There's a couple of Asian things, just like in the Englisch Garten. This one houses a Budda. The plants and foliage are beautiful and very appropriate for the Asian theme.

There are well marked bike paths from one end to the other with other paths shooting off to the sides. I rode the length of the park (it's not really all that big) and back on what seemed like the main left and right paths. I haven't explored the side paths yet but I will certainly be visiting again!
This first trip though was more picture taking than bike riding. I think that may be a problem with the Westpark. It is so beautiful and quiet that I think I'll be off the bike more than on! But that's okay too.
My Dad comes tomorrow and will stay for a week. We are going to a reunion festival in a little town in northern Germany which is the sister town to Dad's birthplace in Hungary. It's going to be really interesting. The people that were born in Hungary but are German have a very unique dialect and it takes all my brainpower to comprehend what is going on! The weather isn't supposed to be all that great but, hey, we can't change that! Hope you all have a good week.
I've posted two more slide shows on The Camera Lenz for those of you who are enjoying them.


Kathy A. said...

Beautiful photos of the park. Enjoy your family weekend. They are always interestingq


OMG - this place is amazing...I want to go there for sure!!!