Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding, New Canvas Piece

I don't meant to neglect you! It's summer and there just never seems to be enough time. This past week was the long awaited wedding of friends from the States. Yes, they wanted their wedding to be in Austria and did alot of preparations to achieve this dream! It was really fun...a great mixture of American, Austrian and their own style.

The weather held out and none of the pictures had to include umbrellas! A big sigh of relief, that's for sure. The food was great, the company wonderful and it was a beautiful and unique start to a life together.

I forgot to ask if I was allowed to post pictures (I guess I should do that!) so I'll hold off on that.

I've been busy with bike riding, rock polishing and a little bit of stitching here and there. The weather has been nice for over a week now...yippy!!!!!

The new canvas piece is great...I just don't seem to work on it as much as I would like.

I have decided to change the rest of it (this is the middle part) because I'm not really happy now with the pattern. I don't do designing, that's for sure, but I have a couple ideas how I can change things so I like it and will like seeing it on a regular basis. The trick is...this was purchased as a kit and I have just so much thread. I guess I shouldn't worry about that...I can always order the thread if I run out.

Next post I'll have finished rocks to show you! Yes, they are just about done now. And in perfect timing as I need to get my guest room back to being a guest room. Yep...I'm going to have guests!! Sister Sonya and Vipin are coming to visit soon. It's only for one night but I'm very excited. Sonya hasn't been to visit me in years. I'm not complaining or anything because I DO get to see her just about every year at least once but still, having her come to my house is exciting! I think I'll make Wienerschnitzel!!!


Annica said...

Love the colours in your new piece.

Linda of the Lake said...

Part of this looks like bargello to me - is it?

em's scrapbag said...

Lovely work! Can't wait to see what you add to it. I look forward to seeing your rocks.

Emmy said...

so very lovely the colors are great