Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Start

"Everything happens for a reason". I believe that. I live by that. I also know that we don't always know the reason. But for whatever reason, I managed to wipe out all the pictures from this blog. Unfortunately, here is no way to just restore them and I wasn't about to go through 2 1/2 years of posts and try to reconstruct. So....I am just starting over! I deleted all the old posts and am in the process of recapping. I've got most of my handwork photos already posted. Just pictures. It's sort of can look at the pictures but not have to read my commentaries. Don't forget to click on "older posts" to see more. I'll be posting more pictures from the past as time goes on but also continuing on with my blogging as usual.

1 comment:

quiltmom said...

Sorry to hear about the problems with your photos . What alot of work that you would have to go through - it is good that you have photos in other places so that they are not completely lost.
I enjoyed your post about rock tumbling. I didn't realize you would lose so much rock when you tumble them.
I love rocks too and have some that decorate a center piece on our table.

I always appreciate when you come to visit my blog- Thanks for the feedback and comments.
Warmest regards,