Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hardanger - End Of Threads

First finish of 2016, started the day after Christmas
I used up lots of left-over threads.
  My thread stash looks alot better now.

Yeah, I'm still working on those pesty tabs

I've done similar pieces but, because there are so many
colors, I left the open work open and simple

This is the back.  It all looks pretty good like this

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You know what the first photo brought back into my mind? Remember that peg board thingy that we had to play with at Gma & Gpa's in the Poconos? They were like green plastic peg board things the size of, I don't know, maybe a large post card, and they came with lots of little plastic squares and shapes to punch into the board...we'd make all sorts of designs with them. I loved that thing. Gpa hated it because we would always 'accidentally' leave little plastic pieces on the floor and he'd step on them barefoot and it would hurt his feet! Gma hated them too, because she would have to bend down to pick them up so they wouldn't get stuck in the sweeper...but of course they ALWAYS had that toy/game/craft available for us to play with! haha Anyway, the first piece, with all the colors and shapes made me instantly think of that! Good memories of the Poconos!!