Thursday, October 8, 2015

Saguaro - Blackwork Beads and Stones

Inspired by Carol A. Bruno, artist for
Saguaro National Park in
Tucson, Arizona


Susan Lenz said...

Greetings from PLAYA in the Oregon Outback! This place is AMAZING! It is serenely beautiful and definitely quiet. My cabin is so luxurious that it has its own jacuzzi tub. I have a very large, separate studio and my sewing machine plus materials arrive yesterday. Of course I brought hand work to keep me busy earlier in the week. There is, however, no good Internet service here and only spotty telephone coverage. Occasionally, I have access to a single computer terminal that works at the speed of dial-up ... so ... please take that into consideration when I say this piece is AWESOME! It took over five minutes to load the email notification that you posted a blog entry. It took over five minutes to load the post. It took almost five minutes to load this comment block ... and I'll bet that it takes just as long to actually post the comment ... but it is WORTH IT for a piece so outstanding!


I'll have to go through my jewelry box stuff and see if I have some stones for you...I'm sure I do. This piece is funky cool. Nice.