Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Indian Pillows

Here they are!  My Indian Pillows.  

The patterns are simple which seems to be fitting. I sewed directly onto
the pillow cases even though the fabric isn't really for stitching.

Here are two Yeis.  I really like Yeis (remember my Hardanger Yeis?)

Once again, you have to look sideways because I don't know
how to turn the picture.  But these guys are very cool...and the
critters below are neat as well.

So now, I need to throw away the old, flatten deco pillows and
use these.  I am an avid fan of using hand-made items. 


Susan Lenz said...

Love the pillows and especially the fact that you will use them! Steve and I just finished the first day of wholesale at the American Craft Council Show. I sold nothing. It is a bit depressing but the furniture dealer beside me sold nothing either ... and the ceramic artist on the other side only wrote one, small order. Of course, glass artists (married couple) across from us wrote at least seven or eight orders ... all to former clients. They've been doing shows for over 25 years. Maybe tomorrow will be better and hopefully, the three days for retail sales will be better yet. We've ordered cheap Chinese food from a nearby carry out place for dinner. In fact, the delivery guy just called. The food is in the hotel lobby! Gotta go eat ... thank goodness ... haven't had a thing since breakfast! Susan