Saturday, April 5, 2014

Walk Around (The Neighborhood)

It's open!! Finally we can walk through the little gardens!
So many things are blooming

I think this bird feeder is out year-round

Already, lots of work has been done

The tulips are beautiful!

The winter covers are all removed now

Blossoms everywhere

All ready for vegetable gardens

Not sure what this is but I think something for bees.  There were
alot of them flying around this.  Does anyone know?

The colors are so bright!

Everything is ready here!


Sandy said...

Came over here from Susan's blog.

The little house you saw the bees near is an insect refuge. They have them to encourage more bees because bees seem to be decreasing in population. But also they can be a harbour for ladybirds, and other insects.
you can see more at this site.
Sandy in the UK

Susan Lenz said...

Hi! I'm glad my friend Sandy could answer your question. I met Sandy while in England last August. She's a very, very talented seamstress living in England but originally from the USA. She's a member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) and organized the volunteers for the SAQA booth at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. She had a great "fantasy" costume (the kind you'd really like!) in the fashion show. It was cool to sit with someone who had a garment on the catwalk.

By the way ... Happy Spring! Nice photos!


Mason Bee Houses or Mason Bee Nesting: Keep your garden healthy and beautiful with natural pollination-promoting miniature wooden bee houses. Essential for pollination, a Mason Bee House provides a pleasant place for this gentle species to nest and stay near your flowers and vegetation.

And they sell them...the one you photographed is awesome. I really want Dad to get bees but Mom is against it..I have a friend who will sell him the bees, house thing and set him up!! Oh well... on to the next project...