Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hardanger Doilies

There was a reason somewhere for me not posting these earlier. But the reason doesn't exist anymore so here's what I've been working on!  They don't all have names.  Not because I don't like them all, simply because a name hasn't jumped out at me.  Or, in one case, too many names jumped out at me so I don't use any of them.  I absolutely love doing these.  They are "quick finishes".  I'm not tired of doing them at this point so I will just continue on.......  Let me know what you think!  Oh, and by the way, the backs are all pretty much awesome, if I do say so myself.  Lastly....Sorry all the text is here at the top.  I can't figure out how to make some of it go to the bottom!
Spring Bushes

Doily IV


With Black Cherries On Top

Doily VII

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Susan Lenz said...

Hi! These are gorgeous! Yet, you didn't put in a coin or a ruler or the dimensions. You probably should! Also, you ought to show the back of one too ... because I KNOW that the backs are perfect but others might not.

Now ... about blog formatting. When composing your blog post, look at the upper left-hand side of the tool tab (the strip of buttons across the top of the main box ... the one with the "link" and "add-a-photo" button and the Bold, Italic, button, etc.) At the far left side of this strip (directly under your blog's name) are two buttons: Compose and HTML. When something is going wrong, click the HTML button. It will "translate" everything you've written and your pictures into "computer code". All those little "nonsense words" are commands for formatting ... like whether the images line up on the left or are centered ... like whether a word is in italic or bold, etc. Copy the text that refuses to go to the bottom and paste it on the bottom. Then, switch back to compose!

Over the years (and mostly because I was given a couple hours of instruction in order to maintain my website ... which is all in html code and uses software that is also really "alien" but cool) I've learned what many of these codes actually mean and what they do. It is pretty interesting and sometimes I feel like a real computer nerd ... which I like!