Friday, December 20, 2013

Monument Valley Interpreted

OK, so Monument Valley Interpreted may be done.  "May?", you ask.  Yes, it may be done.  I need to get your thoughts.  I am quite pleased actually, with the way it looks.  Of course, Susan will be able to make it look even better when she frames it.

I think the texture looks good and the depth is defined.  But what do you think? Please let me know! In the mean time, I've put it away for a few days. I'll take a look at it again when I hear from you. I've worked on this just about every day for 6 months and I need to look at something else for a while before I make up my mind.


Susan Lenz said...

Hi! This is a fabulous work of art! Congratulations! From where I sit, across the Atlantic Ocean and in front of a computer screen, I know that my vision is limited. That said, it looks quite finished to me. It is a very good idea to put the piece away for a few days before evaluating it. When taking it back out, pin it to a wall so that you can view it from across the room. Remember that once framed and hanging, you will not generally be nose-to-mesa with it! LOL! You probably should evaluate your final decision at this distance! Again, congratulations! What's the next piece?

loradell baker said...

Hi! I love your piece and would like to see it. I got your card yesterday. I'm as nutty as ever ... maybe nuttier. People say I don't look my age but that's because nuts don't grow fast. Love Grandma

loradell baker said...

Hi again! Susan gave me a photo for my profile!