Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Excitement on the Construction Site

It's been quite an exciting couple of days at the construction site. And the following weeks and months look like the excitement is going to continue.
Building the crane started around 1pm
Adding the cement blocks
Cement blocks all stacked up
While the crane was being built, the backhoe was still busy loading up trucks full of dirt

Building the crane

Crane is operational by around 5pm

The hole
Looking up from the ground
Operational crane
The guy on the right is operating the crane manually

So, I've got it 'in' with the foreman (guy on the left in above picture).  He told me that there will be two houses (I think maybe that means a duplex) with a underground parking garage.  He said that it might be done by December, it depends on the weather.  That it was, technically, possible.  He also told me that the backhoe was supposed to be done with its work yesterday but it still was digging and digging today.  There will be more workers onsite over the next couple of days.  Yes, he was quite chatty and I think he likes me so I'll get all the scoop I want from him over the next few months!  So....stay tuned!!

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