Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blackwork - Monument Valley Interpreted 2013

Someone whose opinion really matters to me suggested that I attempt to go to the next level.  I've thought alot about that.  The 'next level'.  What exactly does that mean?  After a month or two of thinking about it, I think I've concluded that I'm not sure what that really means.  But I think that maybe I need to try something new.  But what?  I'm not too good at change and new, I guess.  But I can try something new with something old!  So...I present to current project.

I took one of my favorite pictures from our trip last year and am doing a blackwork piece.  I think I've been doing Hardanger for several years now so doing blackwork again feels good.  Of course, blackwork takes alot longer and results don't come so fast.  I remember now that the outline is very important in blackwork but it is done pretty much last.  The piece is coming along though and I wanted to share the first part which actually sort of looks like something.

So....maybe this is the next level.  I don't know.  I've never attempted any blackwork piece like this so it is something new.  I'll post as it progresses.

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Susan Lenz said...

Awesome! Blackwork meets the American Southwest ... a perfect way to blend your natural instincts, your inspiration, and your technical mastery of skills into a work that is uniquely your own. Also, a perfect subject matter to help you climb to new heights.