Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hardanger - Cabin Fever Or Waiting For Spring

Hi everyone! doesn't look like much yet but here are a couple pictures of my new project.

Not much to show yet and I think it is a little difficult to imagine at the moment but I'm working on it!
As I look at the last picture, I realize that you cannot tell the size.  Next time, I'll put something in the photo so you can see.  For now, I'll just say that it will be about 2 feet wide. So...stay tuned!

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Susan Lenz said...

Yes ... the automatic thing is working. We received this blog post as if a private email message. We could send a reply (and occasionally Mom and/or Dad do) but those will not appear as comments on the blog because that person really is "ON" the blog but reading an email. Yet, at the bottom of the message that basically says, "This was posted at Wanda's World". The words "Wanda's World" are highlighted and a link directly to the blog.

Now ... here's the "real comment": Cool piece. Great colors ... and, yes, you need to put something in at least one of the overall photos in order to establish scale! Until you said the width, I would have thought it smaller than it actually is.

Steve and I just finished our morning exercise ... him on the stationary bike and me on the treadmill. I look directly at your Egyptian pieces. Just thought you'd like to know!