Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Blue Project - Hardanger

Started in April, I finished my current piece which I call The Blue Project.  It is an adaptation of one of the pieces in Gems of Hardanger Embroidery by Mildred Torgerson.  
It's about the size of a regular table placemat.

 It is the most detailed hardanger piece I've ever done.  I make a very bad cutting mistake (yikes!) but corrected it the best I could.  The corrections aren't perfect but much better than throwing the whole thing away because of them!  I won't point them out....find them if you'd like!

 I thought the edge turned out really well.  I handstitched around the edging to add support.

 Normally, one doesn't show the back of the piece but since this isn't framed, people can easily flip it over and look at the back for themselves.  So, why not just show it.  It turned out pretty good anyway I think.

 Close up of the middle part.

Close up of the edge.

I am now ready for a break from big projects.  I've done, I believe, three hardanger pieces in a row.  Now, it's time to do some small things for a while.  


Jacq said...

Your Hardanger is beautiful. I love the colors.

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful piece of Hardanger. I love the colors. I would never be brave enough to cut my fabric. But it sure looks amazing


This is stunning! I love this one!