Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Balloons - Completed

My Hardanger project 'Balloons'  is mostly done. I just got transparent thread to go around the edge which I will do shortly and then all I need to do is trim it up. But I wanted to take and post the pictures now.  The weather is awesome at the moment!
I photographed it outside in direct sunlight on a white cloth.
I just love the 'open' feeling of this piece.
I used different varegated thread colors for the Satin Stitches and the same varegated thread for the weaving.
The weaving turned out to be pretty good...all the same tension.
The Satin Stitches  and Cable Stitches are pretty uniform as well.  I'm extremely pleased as to how this turned out.  My sister Susan was here this week and examined all my work. She said that I am now an 'accomplished hardanger stitcher'.  Wow....coming from her, well, I can't even imagine a higher compliment!

I'm working on The Blue Project now...another Hardanger piece.  Stay tuned!


Susan said...

I said you were an accomplished hardanger stitcher long before last week!


I don't even know what this is as far as how you do it but it is beautiful. I'm an accomplished softdanger stitcher by the way...it's very hush hush vip and all that, I'm not permitted to post photographs, but please be impressed!


WOW! What do you do with all of these? They are really amazing and you have so many different types that you have made now (I'm going backwards from Feb 2013 through your blog right now!!).