Saturday, March 17, 2012

Come Ride With Me

What a fantastic week we've had! The weather is beautiful and warm. You know what that means......finally I get to ride my bicycle outside again! The 2012 season has begun and I'm off to a great start. OK...there's still tiny little patches of old, leftover snow laying around in the shady parts of the woods. No worries...I just ride right by. Enjoy these few pictures of my morning ride today. There', of course, lots more to see, but gee, I just don't seem to have the time to take pictures!


Susan said...

Beautiful and peaceful setting. Steve really would love riding his bicycle there with you!


I would LOVE to ride with you...and we would totally stop at every puddle and patch and dig around!


If Steve and you and me were riding...well, I don't know, it could get a little crazy...I'd be OK as long as Eis stops were en-route!!!