Monday, January 9, 2012

Quilted Table Piece - first finish of 2012

It's not that I don't want to blog much anymore, it's that my browser is no longer supported by Blogger so it takes a long time and it is very frustrating! But I have been busy working on things. Below is a little table piece that I finished quilting. I started it a long time ago...I don't remember when. Yes, I guess it was an unfinished project. And I suspect that I never finished it because it isn't even. But, I finished it figuring that it can have something placed in the middle and so the imperfections won't be noticable!
I have to admit, as much as I like working on the sewing machine, I don't think I'll ever take the time to be really good at it. I enjoy it but my heart is really in handwork, I suppose.
I like this little imperfect piece, I have to say. It's something that I made and it's colorful and fun.
Yeah, okay, I could have ironed it!


Susan said...

When you make something that you aren't 100% please with, you should evaluate exactly what "went wrong", what you don't like, and what you would do differently if you were to try again (even by writing these things down on a list). Then try again ... maybe not the exact same thing but something that tackles the problems with new solutions. Personally, I think the middle would have looed better if on a more solid color ... even a dramatic black. Yet, your fruit looks good with the background you selected. By the way, I think some of the material looks familiar ... great use of it.
PS We're at JFK ... returning from a long weekend with Mathias and LJ. There are a few photos on Facebook already. Also, do you Skype?

Linda of the Lake said...

Wow this piece is sure colorful and reflects your way of looking at things. Susan's remarks are very good, I think and can guide you some on your next piece, but you are not entering competitions so do what you like. I agree that with the fruit and bowl it was more attractive but an edging between the outside and the inside might have done the trick of seperating the two types of work. Anyway keep doing your thing and sending us the results.