Monday, February 28, 2011

Soap Project - or Things Not To Try

In August with my parents were here, my mother and I started my soap project. I was so sure that some way, I could melt down all the little slivers of left-over soap and mold it into new bars of soap. Although all my research pointed toward a disastrous end, I was so sure I could figure out a way. My mom and I worked and worked at trying to melt those stupid slivers. It just wasn't working. No matter what we did, the soap wasn't really melting and it was, as we thought it would be, pretty much a flop. And when we tried to let it cool down and solidify, it wasn't doing that either so I shoved the pan full of the half melted soap somewhere and forgot about it until January. When I dug the pan back out, I found that the half melted soap actually had solitified and I could cut it into pieces. I used a grater to shave off the rough edges and there actually ended up being a couple of pieces that stayed together well enough to use!

But, no, this wasn't good enough. I still had lots of slivers left over. So I thought if I used the grater and melted down the shavings, it would work even better! Here endeth the NOT attempt this. It doesn't work and it is not worth the effort....or the smell in the house.

If you have to use the slivers, put them in an old knee-high or in a net or something and just use them that way.
I've been busy sewing (I think I'll stick to it from now on and not try any more weird experiments for awhile!) and I'll post my newly finished pieces soon.



Um...why would I have to save soap slivers? I'm I 90?!?! The photos actually sorta looked like they could have been of some type of rocks.

lindacreates said...

Thanks for the chuckle! I thought about doing that once and am glad I didn't after reading about your experience!