Monday, February 1, 2010

Progress and Tomatoes

Hi everybody! I sometimes think that my blog is pretty boring for some. I usually work on only one project at at time. That's just the way I do my thing. I do have a "long term" project these days (My Long Dog Sampler) but it's been my Blackwork and Stones Sometimes Together project that has been my main thing for quite some time now. Thanks for bearing with me and commenting on my progress. I've now started the "between the lines" work.

I'm doing it with petite glass beads and one strand of YLI silk floss over one.

I sort of had to pick the colors based on what I had so there are four different flower colors.

As you can see, it changes the whole look of the piece! I love the combination of "conservative meets unconventional". And the crowning will be where the squares come together. I have a rough idea of what I am going to do there but not a complete plan yet.

It's wintery here in Munich. The wind has been blowing pretty much nonstop for days. The whistling through the balcony door really gets on your nerves after hearing it for hours on end. But it's too cold to put new insulating strips on the door now. I'm pretty sure that's what is causing the whistling but it does help with the draft. (NOTE: my DH has, in the mean time, explained that just because it's cold doesn't mean that the insulation strips won't stick, like I thought. He has fixed the whistling problem within minutes)

And right in the middle of winter......

....we have tomatoes!!! I'm trying to "winter" the one surviving tomato plant that we have. And it looks like it's working although I don't know if they will ever ripen. But it's so fun to see what happens!

And lastly, I have a mystery plant that I've been taking very good care of for a year now. This was my Valentine's Day present from last year (remember Mom?) and the moss was collected from the local woods where I ride my bike. But what this plant is...I have no idea. I take really good care of it though. Ok, I tending a weed?????

Have a good week!


Linda of the Lake said...

Hi, Could the plant be a gerbera? Probably not spelled right but the flower looks linda like a daisy on a stronger stalk.

Your "between stitches" look nice. Want me to look over here for your beads or thread? Free shipping if I send them!

Anonymous said...

Ehhhm, it does kinda look like a weed to me lol - but you may get a pleasant surprise when it flowers! My initial thoughts were that it looked like a dandelion - but I'm sure I am wrong :0)

I love your blog, it is always nice to see what the next step on your project will be and I love the infills that you are doing.

Hmmm, tomatos in winter - that sounds nice - just hope they get the sun to ripen them.

Take care
hugs Shell x

Karen said...

As someone who also takes a long time to go from project to project I have no problem enjoying your blog! I like the silk and beads addition to the blocks. Wonder what you will put in the squares. It is a beautiful work!

Plays with Needles said...

most weeds are wildflowers....keep may surprise you. I agree with Karen -- take all the time in the world -- i'll still be here! It's not about speed anyway; it's about how you choose to spend the journey...

em's scrapbag said...

Slow but steady wins the race. I don't mind waiting and I enjoy watching your progress. DD and I love the way you have combined her love of rocks and my love of sewing.

uk essays said...

very beautiful!