Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canvas Piece Finished

Well, I believe my canvas piece is done. The reason I say "believe" is because it isn't off the frame yet. I had thought that I would bead it but, now that I look at it, I think there's enough going on and beading wouldn't really add anything.

This is the completed piece. I took the picture outside in natural light but it still just isn't what I want it to be. But I think it's clear enough for you to see. If you click to enlarge, it looks alot better.

This is a close up of the center part.

And the middle. I like the way the middle turned out. I wasn't sure what I was going to do but I started doing it and it just sort of flowed! Clicking to enlarge this photo is pretty cool.

And another close up so you can see the 3D affect of the different threads. This was a great piece to do and so fun to work on! What next? Well, I want to do a few weeks of TAST, then maybe I'll work on my Long Dog for awhile. And when that gets boring...I'll start something new!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Canvas Piece

I have been working, not really very diligently, on the new canvas piece. I really like the way it turned out with my alterations.

I still have the border to finish.

The border will be like the center border only darker colors.

Of course, the middle is still unfinished as well. I have no idea what I'm going to do there but I know I don't like the way it finishes on the pattern so I will be altering that as well.

The 3D effect is really awesome.

And it is so shiny, with all the metallic threads.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bergisel Ski Jump, Innsbruck

What a great day we had today! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, proving the weather predictions wrong again.

Innsbruck is a wonderful city, full of outdoor cafes, shops and history. The backdrop isn't too bad either!

Our main goal was Bergisel, the relatively new ski jump built on the site of the jumps of old. They actually started jumping here in the 1920's. Over the years, the site has gone from natural jumps to what it is now. There's been world championships, Four Hill Championships and even a papal visit in 1988.

There has also been two Winter Olympics here, in 1964 and 1976.

The new jump opened in 2002. There is a restaurant up at the top, elevators for guests and jumpers and an arena that holds 28,000.

If you look closely,right where the "mat" bends and a little to the right, you will see a jumper! We knew the jump was open for visitors but imagine the thrill of seeing a practice!

Yes, these guys actually fly through the air. We found it quite ... interesting ... that just beyond the end of the jump, there is a cemetery! Click the image to'll see it very clearly!! This is what the guys see as they are flying up to 130 meters!!

If you would like to see more pictures, please visit The Camera Lenz. I've got a slide show already posted. I hope you enjoy this unique and wonderful experience as much as I did!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Outing to Grossglockner

We are having a wonderful vacation. The weather is cooperating and everything is so nice and relaxed. We went on an overnight trip to see GrossGlockner, the highest peak in Austria. I've made the trip a couple of times before but never actually saw the mountain. This time was different...this time there wasn't a cloud in the sky when we were at the glacier. It clouded up as we headed to the peak.

The trip up to the Edelweiss Spitz (2571 meters high) is not for the faint hearted. I have to admit, I was sort of freaking out a little at times this time up the "hill". Most of the time, there is sort of a guardrail. Or just rocks strategically placed. And sometimes, well, as you can see in the above picture, there isn't much at all. As you can also see from the picture, I wasn't taking any chances! I drove as far away from that edge as possible!

But, it wasn't always possible!!!

I thought alot about my mother. She wouldn't have liked it. Not at all. I have to admit, I didn't see everything along the way. I was amazed when I looked at the pictures that Reinhard took hanging out the window. Yes, that is another thing my mother would have disliked immensely....the photographing while hanging out the window!

From the peak, I did manage to see the "big guy" through the clouds.

As you can see, the glacier side was clear as a bell. It was absolutely amazing. The glacier itself is shrinking at an alarmingly fast rate. The view is incredible though and we certainly lucked out with the weather.

You can see the Grossglockner from many places as you head up the park. And on such a beautiful day, it takes hours to drive on all the roads because each turn brings an even more breathtaking view and I had to stop to take pictures.

As you can see from above, lots and lots of people had the same idea that we did. We are fortunate to have had an early start because I'm sure this traffic jam (can you imagine...a traffic jam at Austria's highest elevation!) was even worse by midafternoon.

I have to say, I am inspired by what I saw. I am humbled by the world around me. I am thankful I have the opportunity to experience. If you would like to see more pictures, please check out The Camera Lenz. I've got a slideshow posted.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rocks, New Canvas Piece, Company

After long last (well, 26 days to be exact) my rocks are done!

I've gotten quite used to not having a workshop so between the bathtub and the kitchen sink, I do what I need to do.

This picture shows a "before and after". The unpolished or raw piece of marble on the right is washed and brushed but it was a little too big to go into the machine. I display it with the polished rocks as a comparison.

These are all the polished marble pieces along with the polished "creekbed" stones. There are a couple that probably should be re-worked with the next run but I like the crevices and veins.

Polished rocks are kind of like life...not perfect but the imperfections add to the beauty and uniqueness.

My canvas piece is coming along nicely. I don't know why, though, I can't seem to photograph it very well.

I'm getting now to the place where my alterations to the pattern are going to come into play. It's pretty exciting. And...beads? I'm thinking about that too. I've never done beading on canvas but I think this piece may need some beading.

Sonya and Vipin came yesterday for a visit!!! We're not too used to having company but I think we were good hosts. I thought Sonya might like to make the Wienerschnitzel with me, just to see how it is done. We had a wonderful time in the kitchen, along with help here and there from the guys. They mostly stayed very far away from the kitchen scene!

The results were awesome! And every single plate was licked clean. I also had a cucumber/tomato salad to go with the meal and we had watermelon for dessert.

Sonya and Vipin at facing the windows so that they could look out onto our daily view. We enjoyed the slight breeze and shade from the umbrellas on the balcony after our meal. It is such a treat to have family come. We decided that it had been something like 10 or 11 years since Sonya had been to my house. Sonya and are welcome ANY TIME!!! Please come back soon!!!

Sonya and Vipin brought us this beautiful orchid plant. I don't think I've ever attempted to have one of these because I know they are fairly hard to take care of. But they had asked the flower store lady about caring for them so I got the scoop. Abby Cat is not interested in this plant, thank goodness, so I don't have to worry about her eating it. Not like the spider plant!!

Well, the house is back to normal now that the rock polishing machine is packed away in the basement. Things are nice and clean because I had it ready for our company. The weather is looking fairly good for the next week.....things are good. Very good.