Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Skiing, "Sometimes Together" Progress

Hi everyone! All last week "they" were predicted a beautiful Saturday. You know, one of those winter days that just won't quit. And it came true! We packed up the car and headed to Lenggries where there is a ski resort with a panorama restaurant.

For once, the weather predictions were correct and this day just went on forever, like the view.

Fog covered much of the valley but, up top and towards the mountains, it was breathtaking.

The skiing was awesome even though there were lots of people all over the place. But it wasn't just skiers, there were hikers and snowboarders, walkers and lookers, families and school trips.

It was a day for everyone to do whatever it was that they enjoyed.

It was certainly a beautiful day and a wonderful experience. If you want to see more pictures, check out The Camera Lenz where I have a slide show.

My "creative mojo" is still going strong (it's my "blog mojo" that seems lacking these days) and I'm happy to say that the blocks on Sometimes Together are finished.

I am not posting all the individual blocks but they are all nice. Above is a very pretty one which includes rocks and two different types of beads.

This is the piece in its entirety as it is right now. You can click to enlarge to get a better view of the different blocks.

And now I am at the point where I really have to make my decision about the stitching between the blocks. I'm still working on that. I know what I want but I don't have the thread yet to do it. So, in the mean time, I'm working on my Long Dog Sampler, The Spirit of Vierlande. No progress pictures yet.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sometimes Together Progress

It's a snowy day here in Munich. That's okay though. I like snow and I'm happy that we are finally getting some. Northern Germany has been hit by a winter storm and there's flooding scattered throughout Europe. But here in Munich, it's pretty and snowing. Okay, the truth is told by my Austrian hubby. Austrians are used to having at least a yard of snow in the winter so what we have here is "mouse knee-deep". I personally think then that the mice are in a state of emergency because we have at least 4 inches!

I got all the blocks stitched and couched on Together Sometimes. It's now time for the "good stuff"...beading and stoning. Is stoning a word? Well, it is now! I just happen to have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning and right there is a little bead store. It's not open very often but maybe I'll get lucky. I don't think a girl can have enough beads or thread, do you?

These rocks look a little more red than they are in real life. They are more of a burnt orange.

This is one of my's neat and orderly. The beads are flat black and the rocks are fairly matt as well. It's one of the "stronger" blocks.

This one is pretty cool and yes, the stone is snow flake obsidian...a great rock for these black blocks.

I like this one alot because of the white beads. Unfortunately, there isn't alot of rock action in it. But it looks good anyway.

And here it is in its entirety. I'm hoping that my sister Susan gets the chance to mail me some YLI silk varigated threads. I'm planning to stitch one over one between the blocks with it. Of course there would be beads too and maybe stones as well. I'm not sure yet. Of course, this piece is pretty slow to work on because the beading and stoning are completed by block. The thread that I'm working gets hung up on the rocks quite often. This isn't the way to stitch but I had to do it this way to know what came next! It's such a fun piece! Hope what you are working on is fun, too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

It's over now. All the sounds, smells and colors are memories. It was a great season...I hope for you, too!

The Christmas markets were in full swing again this year.

The lights were bright, the colors amazing, the smells of roasted nuts and gl├╝hwein everywhere.

Everyone seemed to be out and about.

Traditional displays enjoyed by all.

This year I was better prepared for the wicked sledriding experience.

Renate was the perfect hostess for our Christmas dinner.

And New Year's Eve in Munich? OH MY GOSH!!! I wasn't expecting such a loud and fun evening. It really started at sundown, fireworks, bangs, pops...all over the city. I've never been in a city where fireworks are legal for New Year's Eve.

This video sort of, kind of gives you an idea. But it doesn't really, only a small portion of the fireworks can be seen here. You can't see all the fireworks being shot off all over the area. You can't smell the smoke or notice that it covered the whole panorama by 12:15am, you can't hear the noise from every direction. But it sort of gives you an idea. Oh yes, it is a very amature video...but watch it anyway! No big, expensive displays. No fancy fireworks...just a whole city out doing their own thing, having fun into the wee hours!

Things are getting back to normal now. I'll get caught up with my blog reading here pretty soon. In the mean time...I hope you are settling into a nice, quiet, relaxed winter.